Business Philosophy

  ‘MeokTong Corp’ is a global company based on   continuous cycle of ‘Contractor - Company -   Consumer’ WIN-WIN cooperation.

 By establishing a continuos virtuous cycle based on mutual cooperation between economic entities, we are trying to gain recognition both domestic and abroad. Through this, an infinite relationship based on ‘trust’ is formed between economic entities.
 Our employees can have a conscious of the need to sell high-quality products. Consumers who use the high-quality products and services offered by our employees will be provided with a high level of convenience.


Business ‌Strategy

‌Growth Of Company : By doing continuous management activities based on ‘trust’, company suggests the standard of ‘virtuous cycle’ along with company growth.

‌Growth Of Contractor : Promote the development of both sides by continuing mutually beneficial transactions with business contractor.

Growth Of Society : Maximizes consumer satisfaction by continuously producing and providing products that provide high utility.                                                                                                                       

Core Value

ⅰ) Credit with contractor and consumer

ⅱ) Decision making based on 'Transparency' Both inside and outside the company

ⅲ) Ahead of company profits, we pursuit of activities that precede understanding about ‘Social Responsibility’


· 2020.06

  MeokTong Corp was established                                          

· 2020.09

  ISO9001, ISO14001 Certified                                                                R&D Dept. Certified  

ISO 9001:2015 Certified


ISO 14001:2015 Certified



We were certified as R&D department on September 22nd. This enables our company to create new products or services with higher performance.

Automatic height adjustment

 metal spring button

Movable height adjustment clothes rack

with spring button applied

Clothes rack

 Net version

Full-length mirror

Net version

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